the directors

  • Professor Victor Paz Archaeology Studies Program, University of the Philippines, Diliman
    I am very much interested in Southeast Asian and Pacific archaeology, although my concentration for the past few years has been on Island Southeast Asia and the Philippines. I am interested in further advancing archaeobotanical studies in the region with the objective of elucidating human-plant and human-landscape relationships in the past. I keep an active field work profile with an active multidiciplinal approach in addressing research questions. Studying transforming cultural consciousness and cosmologies and their materiality in Southeast Asian and Oceanic cultures is a standing interest of mine.
  • Dr. Marc Oxenham Reader in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology at the Australian National University, Canberra¬†
    My main research has concentrated on exploring aspects of human palaeohealth, palaeopathology and behaviour by way of analyses of human skeletal and dental material. Geographically, I have focused on Southeast Asia with the majority of my work being in Vietnam (and more recently the Philippines). Temporally, I am particularly interested in the Hunter-Gatherer/Neolithic interface in Holocene Southeast and Eastern Asia.